Friday, July 13, 2012

Inside a Sony PRS-T1 Reader

Having had passed to me a broken PRS-T1, I decided to rip it apart. Below is what it looks like, for the curious. Note the battery (which has been disconnected in the pictures) is soldered to the board, so not very easily replacable/reusable.

Here is the PRS-T1 service manual with instructions on how to open the thing up. Basically it has (pretty tight) clips along the inside sides.

(Right click and save, or open in a new tab/window, if you want full resolution to zoom in on.)


  1. Many thanks for the service manual! It contains a lot of useful information. Do you know where I can find more of them?

  2. i tlooks like there is a section for a mini pcie card. was there going to be a model with 3g?

  3. My battery is weak.
    Where can I order a new Li-ion battery?
    * URL
    * Sony part-number